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scholarships for nurses


*These nursing scholarships are non-renewable. Attaining my RN- BSN was necessary as my future plan is to enter into an MSN/MBA dual degree program. The Institute for Nursing was founded in 1988 as the charitable affiliate of the New Jersey State Nurses Association (NJSNA). Amount: Varies Higher education is expensive. Addiction Awareness Scholarship. Quotes and/or original transcript from scholarship interviews are the property of; reserves the right to publish portions or full copies of the interview. Initial awards are made for up to two years with the possibility of a two-year renewal. Funds are for nursing students in their second semester or more of nursing school. Noel Endowed Scholarship. Below you will find each scholarship along with the location, value, deadline, qualifications, a short description, and a link so you can apply right away. I am currently pursuing my BSN at Wagner College in order to take the next step in my calling as a caregiver by providing clinical services in addition to my role as an educator. FNSNA scholarships 4. There’s a clear demand for more skilled nurses – and with so many paths toward becoming one, there has never been a better time to chase your dream! International Scholarships for Nursing Students 2020. Below are some of the top nursing scholarships available for students currently. Deadline:  Opens April 1, 2020 - June 5, 2020. The WGU appreciates nurses and is offering a special scholarship is in honor of National Nurses Week, May 6 through May 12, for motivated nurses who are ready to take on the increasing challenges of today’s healthcare practice. National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) : Neonatal nurses looking for assistance in advancing their educational and professional needs are welcome to join this professional organization. Good luck with your nursing scholarship application! … After you complete your degree, you must work at a Critical Shortage Facility, or a medical/health facility that has a shortage of nurses. This is a great avenue especially to those who are an American Red Cross Volunteers and employee to continue their degree. Nurses with a BSN can earn 22% more per year than their ADN counterparts. Winners must be enrolled at an accredited college or university within the United States. The situation described here was one of those life changing moments where I felt helpless to assist someone in need. Qualification: Full-time students enrolled in an accredited program leading to certification as an RN or LPN. See the top New England ... April is National Stress Awareness Month. If you’re a Massachusetts resident who wants to enroll at one of the many prestigious universities in your home state we have good news for you. A.B. Online Adult/Gerontology Care Nurse Practitioner Programs, Online Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs, Online Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs, Online Graduate Certificate in Nursing Programs, Online Form - SCHOLARSHIP FOR MEN IN NURSING, Be 18 years of age or older when submitting application, Be actively enrolled in an accredited RN to BSN program, Have a minimum GPA of 3.5 (see details below for acceptable transcripts), Be actively enrolled in an accredited nursing program, Be male and 18 years of age or older when submitting application. This scholarship is awarded to support outstanding nursing students in baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral programs. Believe an education can launch a career. The application deadline is August 1 each year. There are two primary ways to get your BSN: if you have no experience, you can complete a 4-year bachelor of science in nursing program. Each applicant submits three references, academic transcripts, a personal essay, and a goal statement. All contact information must be accurate so we may get in touch with you. The Nurses Educational Funds, Inc. provides scholarships to nursing students. Once contacted, the scholarship recipient will need to provide a photo and go through two brief interviews with a representative: one upon receiving the nursing scholarship and one 6 months later. If we are going to meet future nursing needs, we need to change the perception that nursing can’t be manly and broaden the workforce. HRSA Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship. $18000. It’ll give you more clinical rotations, on-the-job experience, and exposure to higher levels of medical and hospice care. An Institution which grants a student nurse scholarships to qualified applicants with $3,000 limited coverage for tuition fee, books and other academic fees. Applicants must have at least a 3.2 GPA in their current program or last school attended. Nursing scholarships funds will be paid directly to the school. Qualification: Must be a member of NBNA and a member of a local chapter; must also be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate nursing program with at least one full year of school remaining, Deadline: Not accepted prior to March 1, 2020 or after March 31, 2020, Qualification: Enrolled in a full-time undergraduate nursing program working toward an associate or bachelor’s degree. American Association for Men in Nursing. Use our customizable filters below to discover the scholarships available to you. NAHN Scholarships are awarded annually to active NAHN members enrolled in accredited LVN/LPN, associate, diploma, baccalaureate, and graduate nursing programs. how it affects their health, wellbeing, and development into adults. Jannetti Career Mobility Scholarship. There are an incredible number of opportunities available, and we encourage students to apply for as many sources of funding as they can. Failure to properly complete this form could result in scholarship disqualification. * Please read over the requirements carefully, any applications that do not meet the above requirements will be disqualified. Selected nursing scholarship recipients will be notified either by email or phone; it is critical that this submitted information is correct. A Nurse I Am Scholarship. Location: Nationwide, preference given to Lowell, MA residents, Qualification: Nursing students in financial need who can provide a transcript or acceptance letter. If you have not received notice from us by August 19, 2016, don’t be discouraged! Qualification:  Any student that is currently enrolled in a healthcare related undergraduate, graduate or Doctorate level program who hold GPA (min 3.2 on a 4.0 scale). A letter of acceptance into a nursing program or a transcript stating the applicant is in a nursing program must be included with the application. Or, if you’re already a registered nurse, you can enroll in a RN-to-BSN program. Open to any student who is currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or Doctorate level healthcare-related programs with a minimum 3.2 GPA. All application materials must be received by August 1, 2018 at Midnight PST. Reserved specifically for registered nurses enrolled in an RN to BSN program, this nursing scholarship goes to a nurse that has demonstrated commitment to the Institute of Medicine’s call for BSN education nurses and understands the importance of increased education in improved patient outcomes. Unfortunately, nursing is too often viewed as a field meant solely for women. Also, many private hospitals have now put in place incentives or bonuses for nurses who have their BSN. Amount: Two $5,000 awards (one undergrad & one grad), Qualification: Students working towards a BSN or MSN who hold a 3.0+ GPA. The National CPR association offers a $3,000 scholarship to the author of the winning essay and one (1) complimentary pass each to the CPR Certification program of their choice, valued at $275, to the second and third place winners. Because of this increased demand, there’s been a surge of funding opportunities for current nursing students. Describe how you think the IOM’s goal of an 80% BSN educated nursing workforce would change our healthcare system and explain what can be done to motivate more nurses to get a baccalaureate education. As a woman who is sensitive to the needs of those who come underprivileged backgrounds, I am confident that I can empower those to cope with lifetime health challenges. Who had the biggest influence on your nursing career, how did they motivate you and how can their inspiration better the field of nursing? If you cannot be contacted within 3 days of your nomination, you will be disqualified. Eligibility The Massachusetts/ Rhode Island League for Nursing offers scholarships for students in RN or RN-BSN programs. Two $5,000 scholarships are distributed to the top applicants four times each year. Since 1969, the FNSNA has sought to promote the nursing profession through scholarship, leadership and development. Deadlines for the scholarship are January 14th, April 14th, July 14th, and October 14th. I want to be a standout nurse in an executive leadership role. Qualification: Enrolled at an accredited nursing or medical school. Scholarships are available to NAHN members who have been in good standing for at least 6 months before the scholarship application deadline. 3–4 Year Nursing Scholarships. Labouré is currently in Stage 1 of the College's Return to Campus Plan - click here for details.All business operations including Admissions are continuing to operate remotely. The seven nursing scholarships below are available at the undergraduate or graduate levels. The Senior Care Scholarship offered by A Place for Mom is available to students enrolled in a bachelor's degree or graduate level program in nursing at an accredited four-year university. As a nurse, knowing how to relate and provide compassionate care to patients is a crucial skill that many medical facilities look for during the hiring process. Applicants are permitted to apply for more than one scholarship. Qualification: Undergraduate nursing student or aspiring nursing students in high school (accepted into a college program) with a 3.0 GPA. Qualification: American Indian or Alaska Native enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program. 3–4 Year Nursing Scholarships. This $500 scholarship for nursing students can be used to pay for tuition, books, supplies, or any education-related expenses. Reserved specifically for registered nurses enrolled in an RN to BSN program, this nursing scholarship goes to a nurse that has demonstrated commitment to the Institute of Medicine’s call for BSN education nurses and understands the importance of increased education in improved patient outcomes. During my two and half years while working at Emory Healthcare I was blessed to have an opportunity to work alongside our code team. there are nursing scholarships that can help you achieve your goals. Applicants must be members, descendant of members, or be eligible for membership in NSDAR. So, at, we not only provide a database of nearly 300 national nursing scholarships, but we have decided to join in the effort to support up-and-coming nurses by offering our own nursing scholarships. Location: Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas & Washington. Qualification: Students enrolled in an accredited nursing program, who are: serving in a branch of the U.S. Army OR have family with current or previous service in a branch of the U.S. Army. Amount: Tuition, fees, annual payment for books, supplies, and other costs, and a monthly stipend of $1,383. Scholarship, Pat & Frank Allen Scholarship, Judy Cohen Scholarship. Special consideration will be given to students in a graduate program with the goal of becoming a nurse educator; students completing an RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN program; and those enrolled in an accelerated program. Qualification: College juniors, seniors, and graduate students with an active RN license who are members of the AACN. © 2020, a Red Ventures Company. was founded in 2007 as a career job board, community, and an information resource for nurses regardless of age, race, gender, religion, education, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or physical characteristics. You essay and resume must be attached as separate documents using the buttons below. The scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in nursing in memory of former member of the board of directors, Kate Maker, RN. Location: … Luckily because you’re pursuing a nursing degree, it’s highly likely you’ll get a job after graduation and make a return on your investment. Qualification: Students working towards a bachelor’s, masters, or doctorate in nursing. It has been a truly humbling experience as I have laughed, cried, and worked harder than I ever thought possible. Deadline: March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31. That is why we offer a searchable nursing scholarship database. The American Nephrology … The Health Occupations Students of America is a wonderful organization that offers annual scholarships to those interested in nursing degrees. Many nursing organizations offer competitive scholarships to qualifying students who demonstrate merit, financial need and volunteer involvement. A one-time $2,500 award is given to three students who are in financial need and who have been accepted or are currently enrolled in an accredited school of nursing. The Regis College Tower Scholarship is a renewable scholarship that requires a 2.5 cumulative GPA, continued full-time enrollment, and is based on residency status. You can apply online by completing the application on the Delaware Higher Education Office's secure Student Account Access site. Also, if you're pursuing an undergraduate nursing program other than the RN to BSN - check out the scholarships for undergraduate nursing students blog. Finalists will be required to provide proof of enrollment and GPA — if you are a first-time college freshman, high school GPA is acceptable. There are many nursing scholarships from nursing degree programs, private companies, nonprofit groups, state governments, and the federal government. Amount: $5,000. Essays (65%) will be judged according to the student’s ability to articulate their goals, motivation and vision for their career and the future of nursing as related to the prompt. Nursing scholarship recipients are performed at the sole discretion of staff. While we are proud to offer our own nursing scholarships, we understand that there is much more need for aid than we can offer alone. If you find yourself needing financial aid for your studies (who doesn’t?) Advantage Medical Staffing Scholarship. New nursing scholarships and grants become available all the time to keep up with the fast growing demand for registered nurses. This opportunity is available to AACN members exclusively. According to, a growing number of U.S. hospitals are now only hiring nurses who have a BSN degree. The Madeline Pickett (Halbert) Cogswell Nursing Scholarship, in the amount of $2,500, is awarded to two students who are accepted or enrolled in an accredited school of nursing. we heard a woman yelling; “Help, someone help.” I rushed over to see what was wrong and saw a gentleman on the floor, who was not responding. This scholarship competition is quite competitive. Students eligible for this scholarship are: Open to international applicants With these grants or others like them, you could seriously cut down the cost of your degree. The student must submit a payment form indicating exactly where the funds should be sent. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we cannot manage individual inquiries regarding application status. The human toll of the Coronavirus-19 pandemic is being felt throughout the nation and most acutely by the nation's largest body of health care professionals - nurses. In the unlikely event that no applicants meet the set criteria to qualify for an award, reserves the right to withhold all prize amounts until next year’s competition. HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarships. First priority is given to alumnae and descendants of alumnae of the school. I asked them to notify their clinical staff, which happened to be the code team members, that there was an emergency in the main lobby. The Foundation of the National Students Nurses' Association, Inc. (FNSNA): This organization provides scholarships and grants to support nursing students. The first is the General Medical Education Scholarship, for students completing a least one year in a healthcare career with a labor shortage. Our programs are offered either on-campus, partially online (hybrid) or 100% online. AACN’s Continuing Professional Development Scholarships help you continue your professional and personal growth. Labouré College 303 Adams StreetMilton, MA 02186Phone: (617) 322-3500, It seems that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. All applicants will be judged according to the merit of their submitted materials. Amount: From $1,000 to $7,500 per academic year. I feel leading other nurses and implementing change is where my nursing passion is. My career so far has involved me caring for teenagers and young adults from difficult backgrounds as we strived together to create a better future. Apply by May 31, 2020! Qualification: Must be a permanent resident of the US or Canada and currently enrolled in an accredited college or university. How are you incorporating the lessons you learned from this person into your nursing studies? Nursing scholarship recipients will be required to submit a current photo and sign a release granting the right to use this information on their site. Location: Citizen or a Permanent Resident of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec), Award: Several ranging from $500 to $1000, Qualification: Scholarships will be awarded to nursing students who are pursuing one of the following levels of nursing education: Entry Level RN (Diploma, Associates, or Baccalaureate), RN to BSN, MSN, Doctorate in Nursing holding a GPA of 3.0 or better. Whatever field that may be, we want to help you find the scholarship (s) that will help make your dream come true. For the past five years, I have been working as a high school teacher on the west side of Chicago. The Barbara Rhomberg Excellence in Nursing Scholarship, sponsored by B4 Brands, is awarded each year to a non-traditional, full-time student pursuing undergraduate degrees in nursing. Amount. Other nursing scholarships are available only to nursing students at the professional level. One entry per person. Renewable for up to three additional years. Preference will be given to candidates from the Lowell, MA area. Application is available on a rolling basis. offers an annual $1,000 scholarship to help nurses continue their education. The deadline is September 1st. Application Requirements: The organizations co-sponsor 3 separate scholarships: the Katherine Pope Scholarship for a non-RN student seeking a baccalaureate degree in nursing; the Annie Lou Overton Scholarship for an RN student seeking a baccalaureate degree in nursing; and the Kathryn Suggs Chance Leonard Scholarship for students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing. The PON Fellowship is designed to assist RN’s who are preparing for the nurse educator role to achieve their degrees. The team will review all application materials and the recipients of our nursing scholarships will be announced by September 2, 2018. I directed the guest services associate to call in a code, and across from where the gentleman collapsed, I could see staff members inside of a department. The Indian Health Service (IHS) offers three scholarships for American Indian and Alaska Native students in order to educate and train health professionals to staff Indian health programs. A scholarship in the amount of $1000 each will be awarded based on their letter of introduction and a 400 to 700 word essay on life lessons they have learned from a senior. All applicants must be US citizens to be considered for an award. NAHN Scholarship Programs. Amounts range from $1,000 up to $10,000. The team will choose the top applicants for each nursing scholarship based on the merit of their applications. Qualification: U.S. based full-time or part-time student in an accredited nursing program OR work as a nursing professional. The scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in a nursing program who demonstrate financial need, have maintained a 3.0 GPA , and have demonstrated clinical proficiency, enthusiasm, and motivation in their studies of nursing. Qualification: Registered nurses enrolled in graduate level, degree-granting colleges and universities holding a baccalaureate degree in nursing. The FHSON Alumnae Memorial Scholarship provides $1,000 to two students every year who are pursuing their ADNs or BSNs. Qualification: Students working towards a BSN or MSN who hold a 3.5+ GPA. This past summer I approached my boss and told him that I wanted to leave my job in health administration to pursue a career in nursing. Open to any student who is currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or Doctorate level healthcare-related programs with a minimum 3.2 GPA. Our goal is to always provide informative, engaging and inspiring content. The Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship is an annual $1,000 scholarship awarded to an aspiring nurse who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program at a college or university or is a high school student who has been accepted into a school with an undergraduate nursing program. FHE Health will be accepting applications for one $5,000 undergraduate-level scholarship and one $5,000 graduate-level scholarship. Qualification: Anyone enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate academic program, with preference given to students in a healthcare field. Why do you think nursing is widely regarded as a feminine field, how do you propose we change this perception, and why do you feel this is important to the future of nursing and patient care? Location: Residents of Melrose, North Reading, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, Wilmington, Winchester, or Woburn, MA. The Vohra Wound Care Scholarship for Nursing Education and Nursing Certifications exists to provide a scholarship to current nurses or nursing students in pursuit of a nursing degree, who seek financial assistance and show interest in earning a wound care certification. Applicant must currently attend, or have applied to, a nationally-accredited healthcare education program for the Fall 2019 semester, be a U.S. citizen and must be a high school graduate or have earned a G.E.D. A letter of acceptance into a nursing program  or the transcript stating that the applicant is in the nursing program must be enclosed with the application. Latest information about Nursing Scholarships for International students in Germany, 2020-21. Refer to the eligibility requirements for more details. Preference will be given to students who are full-time and in the latter half of their nursing program. My roles would stretch from, vacating spaces inside the valet area for emergency vehicles, holding elevators for emergency staff, clearing waiting areas, and communicating with the department managers on next steps.

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