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Get down with Cybergirl Gigi Marie, a multitalented girl from Los Angeles, California. She’s all natural, smooth and elegant in her movement, with brown hair and sage-green eyes. “I grew up in New York,” she says, “but my parents were divorced, so I spent time in California, too.” By day, Gigi is a licensed cosmetologist – “I do hair and makeup,” she says – and by night, she’s a go-go dancer. “That’s where I make the real money,” she says, laughing. “I dance at a few different clubs. I design some of my own costumes, like bras and panties, and I wear thigh-high, high-heeled boots.” If it sounds hot, that’s because it is. “Sometimes I get to do body paint,” she says. “One time, I was a tiger, and I danced inside a cage.”

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