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Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana is once-blonde, now redheaded Haley Sorenson. The all-natural voluptuous model left her Midwestern home to become a Playboy triple threat. “You all have seen the cute Coed of the Month, the fun Fresh Face and now I’m ready to unveil the sexy Cybergirl,” says Miss Sorenson. “I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot quite a bit for Playboy.” The fans are the ones who consider themselves fortunate. Blue-eyed Haley’s secret weapon is her confidence and her good-girl edge –she has an angelic face but also has her tongue pierced. “I don’t think that clothes make you feel sexy. As long as I can walk into a room and know that everyone’s eyes are on me, I know I’m sexy,” Haley says as she playfully sticks out her tongue. 

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