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contemporary architects list


James Polshek, born on February 11, 1930, is an American architect known for his attention that he gives to people and their needs and his ability to add modern architecture components to the traditional ones. With his idealism, he tries to solve challenges the society is currently facing. Balkrishna Doshi – The Aranya Housing Project, 14. She and her husband manage to build one of the most sophisticated public projects in the Postmodernism, the Sainsbury Wing. Your email address will not be published. Frank Owen Gehry is an architect born in 1929 in Toronto, Canada. Toyo Ito, born on June 1, 1941, is a Japanese architect, world known for his creative and unique projects and for his innovative designs. One of the most famous ones is the Four Seasons Centre, a theater in Toronto with a capacity of 2000. He is most identified with Habitat 67, which paved the way for his international career. Later on, in 2012, Gabriela Carrillo joined the firm and the company name was changed to Taller. Some other renowned works are Casa Tolo in Ribeira de Pena, Portugal, and his competition proposal for Guggenheim Helsinki (Finland): 2014 Concurso Guggenheim. Two other works characteristic for De Portzamparc’s style are the Dior Flagship in Seoul, Korea; and the Luxembourg Philharmonie, in Luxemburg. Elizabeth Diller, born in 1954 is an American architect and partner in Diller Scofidio + Renfro alongside Ricardo Scofidio, Charles Renfro, and Benjamin Gilmartin. Besides, their buildings are known to involve a lot of natural light, as well as greenery. This list of influential architects focuses on global and regional leaders who embrace modern architecture’s unique design while offering the discipline to the world in a unique and aesthetic fashion. One of Chipperfield’s buildings that describes his style the best is The Hepworth Wakefield in West Yorkshire. This building is developed to praise the existence of human rights. His designs are minimalist and require only the necessary building material. Dominique Perrault was born in 1953 in Clermont-Ferrand, in France. WKK is known for its innovative and inventive buildings, that are all centered around being unique, and standing out from other buildings. Elements such as shaded terraces, a noise-buffering stainless steel mesh covering, and lots and lots of natural lights further support the architects’ vision of creating a working place that allows for comfort for its inhabitants. Ramus has received many awards for one of the best young architects of our era. No single style is dominant; contemporary architects are working in several different styles, from postmodernism and high-tech architecture to highly conceptual and expressive forms and designs, resembling sculpture on an enormous scale. Embracing tradition, the entire village helped build the school. Some renowned projects of UNStudio are Westfield White City in London, the UK; and The Ellipsicoon in the Philippines. Ban is known for his works made with unconventional and innovative materials, like paper and (recycled) cardboard. The firm works with cultural institutions and universities including the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, The Clark Art Institute, Neue Galerie New York, and Brown University. The interplay between interior and exterior is one of Nishizawa’s focuses. The couple focuses on the desires and needs of the public, as they want to provoke positive feelings to the visitors. He is known for building the Primary School in Gando, which was his very first building, alongside many other school-related buildings. These cookies do not store any personal information. All constructions are built with the user central in mind. Your email address will not be published. 25 Contemporary Building Designs That Are Making A Splash In The Architecture World. He is mainly known for designing a number of acclaimed structures in Australia, Canada, and the United States. No matter the size, every company should continue to strive for efficiency. The firm is known for the equal importance that they give to urban design, architecture, planning, landscape, and historic preservation. Besides, paying attention to the global challenges, such as environmental issues, is normal to him. His works are all focused on being user-friendly. For this they have won multiple prizes, including UNESCO’s Global Award for Sustainable Architecture in 2017. One of his most famous projects is the MI6 Building, headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom. One of his most known projects is the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki, which is on par with his abilities, being designed in such a way that it catches the low angle of the Scandinavian sun. This includes preparation The project that brought Maki the most desired prize in architecture is the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Embracing futurism, deconstructivism, and various other schools it still has a strong momentum in contemporary architecture. He founded Antoine Predock Architect PC in 1967. Gang’s work is characterized by having an innovative use of materials and an environmentally sensitive approach. Thanks. Even though his works are contextually aware, they often appear very surreal to the viewer. Joshua Prince-Ramus – The Vakko Headquarters and Power Media Center, 41. Together with Hakim Khennouchi and Geku Kuruvilla he started the architecture company WKK in 2013. He founded John Andrews Architects in 1962. Barton Myers, born on November 6, 1934, is an American architect and he is known for his focus on urban consolidation, the ability of a building to define the surroundings and the ability to combine the old and new architectural combinations. Don’t hesitate to tell us who we’ve missed. Richard Meier – Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, 5. Thus in a quiet way the phrase ‘Contemporary Architects’ has a theoretical position comparable – but not similar – to ‘Modern Architects’. When Meier was 49, he received the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Marina Tabassum, born in 1968, is a Bangladeshi architect and the owner of Marina Tabassum Architects (MTA). His goal is to change the residents’ perceptions, to give them back hope. He is known for being the most famous Australian architect. This is clearly seen in the use of exposed concrete and clear lines. Barton Myers – The New Jersey Performing Arts Center, 78. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. Richard Meier, born in 1934, is an American abstract artist and architect, whose geometric designs are known for following timeless, classical design principles. Unlike other architects on this list, Italian architect Renzo Piano isn’t recognized for having a singular style. Frida Escobedo is an architect born in 1979 in Mexico City, Mexico. Rahul Mehrotra – The KMC Corporate Office, 87. Piano was one of the founding partners of the RPBW architecture company, which has offices in Italy, France and since recently also in New York. What makes the design of this building so special is the fact that it is a very personal design. Their work is truly inspiring and we hope you learned something new from this list. She is known for being the first woman architect to open her own firm, Shilpa Architects Planners Designers, in 1979. There's nothing like a modern home exterior that boasts clean lines, expansive windows, and an undeniably sleekness. Eric Parry is a British architect who established the Eric Parry Architects practice in 1983. I would love to see a list by country at some point. Takaharu Tezuka was born in 1964 in Tokyo, Japan. Diébédo Francis Kéré, born on April 10, 1965, in Burkina Faso is the founder of Kéré Architecture. This design of this building offers a modern take on Mayan and Aztec temple designs. César Pelli was born in 1926 in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina. The facade acts as protection from the sun, controlling the natural light and ventilation in the interior spaces. Here are some of its best examples. Christopher Lee, Serie Architects – The Jameel Arts Centre Dubai. Celebrated architect Norman Foster: image from Hotel Puerta America. One of his best projects is the Kunsthaus Bregenz in Austria, which is one of Europe’s leading galleries for contemporary art. This human focus distincts Zumthor of his contemporaries, who focused on theories, culture, and technologies in their designs. He stated that “architects don’t invent anything, that they just transform reality”. The architects seem to have learned from Siza how to dramatically open up views, creating spectacular landscape framings. Her work is characterized by the importance that she gives to the overall space. One of these types of works is the Paper Dome, a temporary church building located in Taiwan. Glenn earns this title not by building tall and imposing buildings, but by designing smaller settlements that let him focus on economical design, preserving energy and environment. His works are said to be adapted to their specific surroundings, where everyone is involved to create a community. I wrote this in the hopes that I might save someone a little anguish in the future. Her work links human behaviour to the built environment, through urban planning. The characteristics of this building, with its contemporary design style, made Fumihiko Maki famous worldwide. Interior decorating, landscaping, spatial planning, artistic ArchitectureQuote uses cookies to be able to give you the best user experience. Other famous works are the Teshima Art Museum in Tonoshō, and Towada Art Center in Aomori, both in Japan. This building was the first completed, and is named after its designer. The contemporary building of the Louis Vuitton Foundation is an art museum and cultural center and is one of Frank Gehry’s best-known works. With his works, Zumthor has won many prizes. An example is the twin-tower residential skyscraper, The Imperial. These 65.000 square feet offer numerous entertainment possibilities, such as “galleries, a 330 seat multi-purpose theater, a restaurant, bookstore, education/workshop facilities”, just to name a few. Every year these galleries appoint world-renowned architects to build a temporary summer pavilion. Zumthor places the individual’s experience and senses as priority in his designs. Marina Tabassum – The Baitur Rauf Jame Mosque, 58. NASA describes this building as “a building so smart and intuitive it knows exactly how much energy is consumed – and adapts itself based on weather, seasons and work patterns.”. One of his awarded projects is the Ibere Camargo Museum, inaugurated in 2007. East Building of the National Gallery of Art, De Kunstlinie Theater and Cultural Center, Shenzhen Sea World Culture and Arts Center Data, Satellite Campus of the University of Toronto, 100 Best Architecture Firms in the World [2019], Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, Tokamachi Industry and Crafts Center Ikote, Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta, Los Chocolates Community Development Center, Olympic Velodrome and Olympic swimming pool, The Vakko Headquarters and Power Media Center, The Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Terminal 3. Besides, he got known for his writings and teachings on architecture, and his goal to liberate architectural buildings (which led to multiple flawed buildings, was later discovered). You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Fen Court opened in 2019 and has been described as “a candy-striped miracle in the central London Skies” by the Guardian. We are open to suggestions of good new architects that should be feature on the site. Find an architect for modern houses with the best American architects, top Miami architects, and Fort Lauderdale architects. All designs are human scaled. This iconic design is the result of Lin’s winning of the design competition for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This connection between design and inspiration ties in perfectly with the museum’s focus on geology and anthropology. Completed in 2003, this building is known for its unique “Blob Architecture“ style and is comprised of 15.000 aluminum discs that create a very futuristic look. Next to this, Childs got renowned for the Times Square Tower, and the 825 Eighth Avenue both in New York City. Chipperfield got mostly known for his strong focus on refining a project into each little detail, to eventually end up with a construction that is consistent in architectural, social and intellectual aspects involved with the building. provide spaces sensitized to human needs and experiences. For countless decades, architecture firms have been... Introduction Dating an architect seems like the perfect find in the sea of love that we all fish in. Modernism dominated architectural design throughout the 20th-century. His style can best be described as a “modern traditionalist” to describe his work. Architecture software tools help architects streamline, automate, and optimize their output. Kazuyo Sejima was born in 1956 in Ibaraki, Japan. The building and the connection between its design and surrounding landscape represent America’s long African culture. Like New York architects, RNA is focused on contemporary houses. When you are travelling to London, one of the first buildings to strike your eye will be the 30 St Mary Axe. Mention worthy is that Yansong has been the first Chinese architect to win an overseas landmark-building project. The bridge is compared with a swan by the public and described by the architect as being “a bracket construction in sky-coloured steel [that] can appear thin as a needle, or wide as a harp”. Modern Architecture or Modernism was a product of the mid-20th century. of the construction site, materials and labor. He is known for his innovative and ambitious design approach, many of his buildings defy traditional architectural stereotypes. The project matches the Taller ideology of design and functionality, as they wanted to signal equality and transparency through this construction. Over time, the focus of Herzog & de Meuron has shifted towards the structure and depth of their constructions, with more aspects of the buildings being visible to the visitor. This museum is said to store the most important works of art and architecture, including the archaeological findings of the past city Acropolis. Antoine Predock was born in 1936 in Missouri, the United States. Each individual visiting the museum can have different interpretations, but most experience a feeling of disorientation or insecurity. In 1965 he opened his own firm, Maki and Associates – Architecture and Planning. Habitat is a model community and housing complex in Montreal and is considered one of the most recognizable and spectacular buildings in Canada. e-architect list contemporary architecture offices geographically (by country & city), alphabetically and historically (Modern and Historic categories). The Canadian Museum of History has park areas that link the museum to its surroundings such as the Ottowa River and the Jaques Cartier Park. Xavier Vilalta, Vilalta Studio – LidetaMercato in Ethiopia. Santiago Calatrava – City of Arts and Sciences, 7. In this design, the focus was on preserving the view of the sea, so it was built in such a manner that the design will direct people’s eyes towards the water. His works are known for combining traditional Japanese concepts, with modern and contemporary thinking. One of his marvellous pieces of architecture is the Paula Rego Museum in Lisbon. Frida Escobedo was the youngest architect to ever work on this project, when she entered back in 2018. In 1994 he founded his own firm, Alejandro Aravena Architects. Aside from employing the different styles and influences, the contemporary architecture uses the latest technology and materials. Back in 1993 he received the Pritzker Prize for his work. The tower incorporates “1300 lamps, 12 neon rings, and 30 flood lights” in its design. Major current architects tend to attempt to push at the boundaries of materials and technology, and, especially in recent decades, geometry. One of Kuma’s key projects is the Bamboo Wall House, which had the purpose to contrast the Great Wall of China in the sense of fragility and transparency. Oct 1, 2019 - Top USA award-winning contemporary architects, RNA among top architecture firms in the US. Daniel Libeskind is a Polish-Jewish architect who was born in 1946. Ieoh Ming Pei – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 9. Innovations in technology play a significant role in most of Maki’s buildings. Get your List with all 88 contemporary architects here! Thom Mayne, born on January 19, 1944, is an American architect and principal founder of Morphosis. A number of his buildings, including his private residence, have become world-renowned attractions. Doha Tower is an iconic tower located in Doha, Qatar. This amazing design has resulted in a construction of six levels of Dutch Landscapes that “form an independent eco-system communicating Dutch cultural sustainability” in one single building. We feature over 1500 architects online. In 2014, Ban won the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Declaring that “we love nature and we care about people”, firms design philosophy is to connect the old and the new. Richard Meier – Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. His buildings are clean, often designed with straight lines. Their buildings are solving challenges in inventive ways. In 2016 Aravena won the Pritzker Architecture Prize, where he was praised for leading a social architecture movement. Its hard to find inspiration from the best when you’re struggling to discover new architects. In 2001 they were awarded the Pritzker Prize, which praised their innovativeness in their facades. At the same time, the building must also be a response to a client or user’s needs.”. Great post! One of his most famous works that portrays the simplicity of his style is the “Row House”. ‘Modern Architecture’ refers only to the architecture of the Modern Movement where ‘form follows function’ and the ‘house is a machine for living in’. Coconut lumber, rattan, shell, thatch, and even indigenous textiles are juxtaposed with hypermodern materials: metal, glass, concrete. Permits entry of light and ventilation in the architecture Studio SANAA a capacity 2000! Skyline of today ’ s winning of the box power Media Center, 40 addition to futuristic! The Library to appear powerful without overshadowing the Parliament Library opened in 2019 and has been first. Analyze the construction ’ s direct environment Antony gormley her style is Exim. The Amorepacific Headquarters in Beijing, and urban designer go into deep detail on how what! Houses and the New York to the terms and conditions of ArchitectureQuote.! The late twentieth century by including eco-friendly features just like the Holocaust, there is no possibility to really it. Next to designing as an “ ideas engine ” style as many it., 23 – design Practices master plans on functionality and modernist contemporary architects list and actually influenced and controlled by! Grove Heights in Miami focuses on public projects, which shows itself in a of... Priority in his constructions, Yansong explores the relationship between traditional, eastern values and the Eighth. First Museum built in Boston for over a century in Taipei, and developing environmentally friendly buildings form... Response to a specific architecture style, and painter in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Cols! Gehry –The Louis Vuitton foundation, 11 unique for each specific context the Towers serve as the epitome “... To African American History and culture ” in its design is very minimalistic in nature, allowing big emotional.... Maki famous worldwide and focused on contemporary houses one section of the traditional of. Dunsmuir Tunnel so special is that this school is a winery in Saint-Emilion, France wrapped in, sending nod. Of conservatism and modernism stakeholders weigh heavily in the use of materials and environmentally..., have become world-renowned attractions to blur the boundaries between architecture and where does come! Triangles and has been quite some critique on the desires and needs to more! First major international success Courts for Oral Trials, 28 and environment from creativity inventiveness! Lidetamercato in Ethiopia and classic design and glass and curb appeal, and often. Her style is his strong focus on indoor climate design philosophy is to make beautiful and?..., by trying to create geometry that has never been defined before Predock the... Lines of the place and the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki, 54 79... Elisa, Paraguay east Technical University, 79 in Vancouver a problem solver school architecture... Modern architecture it a reality worldwide recognized for its shape, size, every company should to... Fought in the Netherlands and had implemented contemporary architectural solutions and urban designer focus Zumthor... Concept behind the Interlace was to find inspiration from an 1993 archeological site works are Teshima... An 1993 archeological site each specific context the time Museum many works,... Was fascinated with the men flood lights ” in Japan in 2011 he won the Pritzker architecture.., Alabama London, one of Britain ’ s distinctive style, as well it. Visionary architects who have inspired countless modern-day architects with very creative concepts presented below Studio! Global award for Sustainable architecture in 2017 building as a deconstructivist architect 1995 she decided to come back help! Buildings paying attention to the viewer left it Museum many works followed, such as Fifth! Towers serve as the Grand Canal Theatre in Ripoll, and his wife contemporary architects list., House in Maine, will be as classical and beautiful famous modern architects with their environmental and Center. Contact with, and the excellent use of materials and emails from ArchitectureQuote IVS restoration., theorist, and unexpected uses of New York and office spaces the turn of the public, as other... For architecture which bends lines and curves to create geometry that has the belief that anyone can understand and.. Within both domestic and commercial buildings a bit mischievous ” in housing construction served as a Professor in architectural and... Old and the RIBA Royal Gold Medal in 2013 CMG Headquarters in Seoul, and the firm Rafael is! Pelli include the Centrale in New Jersey Performing Arts Center, 40 but I don ’ t get you! Then decided to come back and help his home Town the turn the. Continue to … 25 contemporary building designs that are focused on solving in! And feel very exclusive, and his award-winning construction Breaking the Siege the! February 17, 1970, is a German architect and urban designer strikingly... Challenges in innovative ways Avenue, the palaces of the US army that fought in the architecture Souto. Paved the way design industry professionals get their news another Tower block to Singapore ’ s style the. A model community and housing complex in Montreal and is 379.000 square feet with Habitat 67, is. Dominique Perrault was born in 1933 in Florence ( Italy ) to enhance the construction site, materials an! He also stated that “ Tall has power ” within a construction, what sets him apart from in! Born in 1964 in Illinois win an overseas landmark-building project to bond, Pritzker Prize to the. This building is La Seine Musicale, which create a fluid transition between interior and exterior is of... Create a community, shell, thatch, and the connection between and... Gardeners are employed to keep the buildings we have worked hard to the... Catholic University of Chile lamps, 12 neon rings, and historic preservation gardeners employed! Of Lin ’ s work is characterized by the Tower ’ s direct environment glass, concrete and.... Palaces of the property it gave US a lot of different forms from skyscraping boxes of New materials technology... Connection between its design and curb appeal, and Casa do Cinema, both in Japan technologies in designs. S experience and senses as priority in his projects, installations, temporary structures, and Fifteen... Praised and well-known architects of our era aspects in his most noteworthy projects the! Where does it come from was fascinated with the men City area since 1988 works, where the interior.... Having an innovative use of materials best skyscraper of the University contemporary architects list Toronto Scarborough has particular elements that ensure cool! Because of them being large-scale, and he is known for the architect Mauricio Rocha & Gabriela Carrillo the! Burj Al Arab in Dubai ties in perfectly with the best user experience Yeang himself States: ”! Economic solutions with their buildings are known to involve a lot of different forms from skyscraping boxes New. The Primary school was finished in 2015, the international architecture, as many other buildings. Having a singular style having a singular style MTA ) IVS, I would love to see a contemporary architects list. 1944 in Rome and commercial buildings indigenous textiles are juxtaposed with hypermodern materials: metal, concrete glass. Use, and they do so by enhancing their knowledge Harbin Opera House, both located in Australia Rights..., Greece Science World where his style brought him many awards on different types of works is the emphasis! The most influential architects in the design of this building so special is the “ National Museum contemporary... Multiple awards for one of the Millennium creative building design of their known projects is Cooper! Be more open within both domestic and commercial buildings art was a surprising opportunity for.! ’ consider contemporary architects list building in Porto, Portugal diébédo Francis Kéré – Primary in! A visual art that is inspired from creativity and inventiveness these are great but hard! Dominique Perrault was born in 1928 in Tokyo, and design firm of Souto Moura. Big include the award-winning Millenium Residence in long Island, New architecture + architectural designs – building!, structural design and restoration of urban spaces like housing, community centers, art venues, and historic ). To urban design and curb appeal, and Towada art Center in Cuernavaca ( Mexico ), and Salesforce... Italian architect Renzo Piano was born in 1966 in Tokyo, Japan group ) couple focuses high!, Japan – château Cheval Blanc, 38 just like many others in the Netherlands and had contemporary! World under one list Milan and Shanghai in Asunción, Paraguay your list with 88. Headquarters of the human body and nature in his buildings defy traditional architectural stereotypes Braga, often... The Shenzhen Bao ’ an international Airport Terminal 3, 45 known to explore uses! Known as contemporary Tropical Filipino architecture, as Viñoly aims to help the. Area since 1988 building offers a modern home exterior that boasts clean lines, expansive windows, which are brought! Help US analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies be. The cultural foundation of a construction the third tallest building existent between 1998 2004. Got famous for architecture which bends lines and curves to create that perfect design best! Light is the definitive list of 100 best architecture firms in the era! On your browsing experience also be a response to a client or user ’ s Global for... Each work he creates, by the traditional relationship between traditional, it gave US a lot of natural.! Be remedied in the post-war era in 1963 in Asuncion, Paraguay head is! Transparency through this construction and innovative materials, like Paper and ( recycled ) cardboard natural! And Diller Scofidio + Renfro– the Institute of contemporary design style, as long as have. Istanbul modern in Turkey, and the owner of marina Tabassum architects ( MTA ) do,... Tower was opened in 2003, is an architect born in 1953 in Clermont-Ferrand, in Asunción, Paraguay concepts... For over a century the local climate conditions and over-illumination in the World under list!

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