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Chicago’s Kendra Ivy is a psychology major at Western Illinois University who cannot wait to open her own practice. “You can always trust a psychologist to tell it like it is, and I never beat around the bush,” says our honest Coed of the Month. According to Miss Ivy, she didn’t develop as quickly as the other girls in school and was constantly teased because of it. Her former bullies will eat their words when they see how this late bloomer is now a full-blown beauty. “These are all-natural,” says Kendra of her DD-cup chest. “What do I like to do for fun? I like to sing, dance, cook and clean.” The Playboy model says if her career in psychology doesn’t pan out, she does have a backup plan that she knows would make her future husband very happy. “I would love to become a housewife and do nothing, but cook and clean all day,” smiles Miss Ivy. “I’m a Midwest girl, so I’d cook a lot of steak, potatoes and ribs.” Sounds to us like Kendra would be the perfect housewife.

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