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Monica Sims is a bundle of contradictions. A bedroom-eyed blonde from Orange County, Monica thanks mixed European and Bolivian heritage for her sexy, one-of-a kind look. Both innocent and not, Miss Sims is the kind of girl that some guys trip over themselves to impress—her eyes may say Come hither, but she always speaks her mind, and she’s just as likely to tell you to get lost. “I’m a Gemini, so you never know what to expect from me,” says Monica, brushing back a lock of hair. “I’ve always done what I wanted. Growing up in Orange County, I’d ditch school and go to the beach. I didn’t like school—all the classes were like rocket science to me. Except maybe for art.” Using her creativity to her advantage, Monica posted an Instagram of herself holding our December issue, shouting out photographer Josh Ryan in the caption. “You know, Elizabeth’s cover,” says Monica reverently.

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