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Sophia Presley may look tough, but she’s as soft and sweet as they come. With golden-brown hair, blue eyes and full lips—not to mention a full 30DD bust—Sophia’s one of our neighbors to the North, specifically from British Columbia. “I come from a really small town, just outside of Nelson, B.C.,” explains Sophia. “That’s a big part of who I am—my upbringing was very down-to-earth, and that’s got a lot to do with where I come from.” In Sophia’s hometown, there were only 100 year-round residents, so when she says small, she means tiny—though what she lacks in big-city notoriety, she makes up for with sexy, girl-next-door charm. Did we mention we’ve got a thing for sexy girls next door? “The opportunity to pose for Playboy came my way, and how could I say no?” squeals Sophia. “For every model, it’s kind of a dream. As for posing nude, it’s no big deal. I enjoy it, and everybody should be comfortable with it. Playboy does it in a classy way, and I like that!”

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