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fujifilm x h1 autofocus


The Fujifilm X-H1 is the company's newest flagship X Series camera. Or you can turn it around and consider that what do you need to carry to shoot portraits with at least DOF of 25cm? It just doesn't fit the vintage aesthetics of Fuji. But when Fuji asks $600 for the same thing, which is 3 times the Sony price, then yes, it is very much overpriced. The new Fuji cameras have: - higher resolution- better ISO performance- higher dynamic range. And, since you're getting the same number of photons per sq mm, the sensor with more sq mm of surface area gets more photons. Want to jump on board but my camera hasn't been manufactured yet. Saying that MFT are getting closer to FF is just like saying that stitching 4 MFT images together doesn't increase image quality, which would be very silly. The x-H1 is also built like a tank. Unfortunately for the nay-sayers, both Apple and Sony have tremendous technologic firepower. Facts and comparisons never stand a chance in front of ecka84. I have a Sony audio player that is not using standard micro USB and a Sony bluetooth protocol that works only with their headphones... Is there anything better than the A7III for the same price? The front element of lens will likely be the same in order to capture the same level of light available. I mean without downloading them and looking at their EXIFs of course. And yes, equivalence only tells you about potential for image quality. So DoF and FoV were not perfectly matched, there was no trick intended. - Total nonsense! When you say "It's a spectrum of things leading to a higher or lower amount of correct information the image contains." But the full-frame sensors got so much better. The FUJIFILM X-H1 boasts autofocus performance with enhanced capability to track a moving subject. And since I can't seem to find the setting to cause it, auto rotation of images on playback. Awful choice to promote mirrorless. And for special cases / professional use, medium format enables more than full frame. Control the behavior of the rear command dial and the button to which exposure compensation is assigned. Fuji just doesn't have the option, there is no XF16-50F1.8. It is truly compact, not MFT kind of BS. That's how it works. DPreview's own studio comparison adjust image brightness so the bodies are all in line of each other. In that regard f4 is f4, no matter what the sensor behind the lens is. The XH1 was designed to be a bigger camera. The beauty of the Fuji X-series cameras is how accurately you can focus, whether shooting in autofocus or manual focus modes. The large electronic viewfinder has a magnification factor of 0.75x which consists of a high resolution EFF of 3.69 million dots. Fuji needs it ASAP IMO. Equivalence can be made either on shallow DOF or on exposure. Additionally, the IBIS on my A992 & A7R3 is excellent. Canon has some excellent offerings but has yet to grain any real traction in the mirrorless market. I don't care if it is ISO 1bn as long as two pictures from different cameras look the same. Fuji was good enough to make lenses for Hasselblad, and I'd gather that counts for a bit more than a personal opinion. If it's not a value proposition for you at that price, there are lots of other $2000 options available to you, including a M4/3 camera that costs $100 more. it's compact! BTW. Now that the Sony A7-3 is out with a full frame sensor and fast/accurate auto-focus, the Fuji X-H1 is really nothing special. Your Fujifilm camera has three basic focus modes. f2.5 doesn't make any sense as a specification for a zoom lens and again, for a UWA lens aperture is only about bringing more light, as you're not looking for DoF or best bokeh. You will need to go take following pictures:1) A close portrait, native ISO, flash lighting, DOF from nose tip to the ears2) A 20mm FOV f/16 landscape, native ISO3) A f/2.8 shot of a running kid, as fast shutter speed as possible. About equivalence I suggest you read the article made by DPR on the topic. And the A7III is not just better in sensor size, even if it was APS-C it would be a hell of a strong competitor to the XH1, but no, it has the best 24mp 35mm sensor ever made. So, basically, when the amount of light isn't the same, DoF is different too. Same goes for crop users saying that FF isn't better or that it isn't better enough to make a difference or that it is much bigger and heavier. So yes while amazing, not really a strength for one format over the other. I'm just saying people would really like some form of IBIS onto smaller bodies. As I have already pointed out earlier, the X-H1 is the first Fuji mirrorless camera to feature In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) and as of early 2019, the only camera to have it. Same light per unit area but more light, more light by all means of more light. I admit my first encounter with MFT was difficult. Demand dictates supply and price.Apple is the "APS-C". Plus, Nikon and Canon DSLRs continue to perform exceptionally well when size and sound aren't an issue. As for IBIS tests on the E-M1 II:- 1s SS is easy at 24mm (FF eq.) They overheat like crazy. Only FF gets much more pixels at the same pixels density and gathers much more information for producing higher quality images. PL provides various digital photography news, reviews, articles, tips, tutorials and guides to photographers of all levels, By Nasim Mansurov 81 CommentsLast Updated On September 2, 2020. Not just a soft and noisy mess. "The amount of light has little to do with image brightness." Yes we are different. "Not so good for": "Anyone looking for the perfect tool for one specific job". Why don't you download the studio RAW files and compare the actual image quality after you remove all the noise.You said "for the use I have" because you think that nobody needs better cameras than you do. Despite your opinion, some believe it's the best value optics overall. AU $1,196.27. Actually it's not twice the price, it's $75 more. One could argue that Fujifilm rushed with the X-H1 release, using the same X-Processor Pro processor as what we have previously seen on the X-T2, instead of the more advanced and faster X-Processor 4 that is found on the newer X-T3. When scrabbling about to get usable files from indoor events it very much pays for itself. For now, we’ll focus on the automatic features of the camera. Hmmmm.... Kind've freaked out by the size of this thing, bigger and heavier than a Sony A7 III FF and substantially larger and heavier than Fuji X-T2. Wait until Sony announces the a7000. Too many people these days seem incapable of evaluating things on their own, relying far too much on the thoughts and opinions of others. am I to understand that a FF 50mm 1.8 on a crop body should be brighter because there is more light coming through? Whatever our 'equipment allegiances', warm congratulations to the D P reviewers for having the fortitude to 'tell it as they see it'. Fujifilm made significant autofocus improvements to the X-T3, now offering 425 hybrid autofocus points. Each system is a spectrum of things, only FF one is wider, and it covers the APS-C almost entirely (with some minor exceptions like a few hundred grams lighter body). I'm a very happy Fuji XT-2 user, and over time (it's too early yet) I will definitely upgrade to the X-H1. As you say, the BSI 1" chips did a good job of catching up with some of the sensors a size bigger. I still think that it depends a lot on which cameras are used and/or compared, and even though there are physical rules camera manufacturers are doing their best to catch up with the bigger sensors. multiple ways of delivering ISO settings using different amounts of hardware amplification, https://m.dpreview.com/articles/4416254604/camera-scores-ratings-explained, https://s20.postimg.cc/en6h3wvgd/P5181335.jpg, https://s20.postimg.cc/9oiypdzd9/P5181332.jpg, https://s20.postimg.cc/ijjszw8q5/P5181338.jpg, http://alturaphoto.com/altura-photor-neoprene-pouch-set.html, https://s20.postimg.cc/o3jgvs8q5/DSC06361.jpg, https://s20.postimg.cc/qxmm98im5/DSC07400.jpg, Fujifilm X-Pro3 review: living in the moment, not a screen in sight, Sony a7C review: Compact size, big sensor image quality, Compact and feature-packed: Our Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III review. Sigma has introduced its new 'I series' of compact, premium full-frame lenses for E and L mounts. exactly, why should I care as long as the end result is the same, the picture is not underexposed? I'm a working Stills photographer on film and TV projects, and can tell you--after years with high end Canon cameras enclosed in Sound Blimps to prevent mirror slaps interfering with audio while rolling--that the Fuji xt2 was a game changer for all of us who do this job. In the key prime focal lengths, you actually have to buy 2 lenses to get the capabilities of 1 lens from other brands. Of course, ask questions and research, but if I read one more plaintive post saying "Which camera should I get to take photos of my cat - help me" I shall probably explode. Therefore this can't be a rule. Can't you see that some decent but mediocre optics on FF can beat APS-C no sweat? ", FF sensors gather more total light than S35, just not per square area. You have to "discover" it by yourself. They have taken the jpg colour science that is so appreciated by their users and provided it for video too - without having to dick around with camera colour settings. In the end, I decided the EM-1 Mk2 would better suit my needs. I thought the X-H1 images and especially the video looked great. Even Sony stopped advertising "smaller and lighter". i often cringe at how poorly the photos are and how inappropriate they seem to express the qualities we look for when judging a cameras iq ... no rhyme or reason no good for judging iso shadow behavior color and other metrics. There's no limit for my imagination. No. I agree with most of your findings. Why do you believe that crops improved a lot and FF did not? I get equivalency for indoors shooting f2.8 crop = f/4 FF but if I’m shooting at higher apertures anyways . Sorry, but you're going to have to prove that "I can crop my FF + $200 and get the same IQ than your APS-C $500 lens". With manual focus, you can also switch to other modes such as Digital Split Image and Focus Peaking. The Fujifilm X-H1 is the company's range-topping APS-C camera and its most video-capable camera to date. Maybe APS-H could be good enough for me. "Good enough" is not a quantity that we can actually compare. The viewfinder looks very smooth with its 100Hz refresh … Lens on RX10 m3 is the same as on m4, the latter having a better AF. The format is the new light high speed cameras. For crop sensors, the lenses get smaller, but not much comparing to full frame sensor bodies. The manual focus features of this system are accurate and easy to use, but they are a whole separate article in themselves. With a little practice, this can be done without even looking. Unless you already have a few Fuji lenses, I believe most people will choose Sony A7-3. In addition to being able to shoot UHD 4K at up to 30p it can also shoot the wider aspect ratio DCI 4K format at 23.98 and 24p. As Ansel Adams said, the best format is the largest you can carry with you. This is not a compact mirrorless, more like a dslr type of body. Fuji shooters (me included) do tend to get defensive and emotional over their camera's - and there is a reason for that. I know that Canon color science has changed but white balance is only an issue in JPEG and video. Terry...Fuji, like Olympus, use the SOS standard for iso. Plus the extra mass of a bigger and more comfortable to hold camera adds extra steadiness (inertia).IBIS is more for videos and 1/5 - 1/30 type of exposures for handheld stuff like architecture, street, tourism, on the fly landscaping, etc. (Fine old American slang, meaning to speak loudly, usually from your butt). But to me it makes less sense to buy only into FF considering the size, weight and price when alternatives are available and good enough for what I'm intending to do with it. No one outside of paid sponsors are going to convert to Fuji for their professional video work. As of September 2019, oddly you can get the X-H1 with the VPB-XH1 Vertical Power Gripas a kit (camera & grip weigh 34.3 oz./972g with card and one battery) at a deep package discount … The Fujifilm X-H1 is the camera that Fujifilm has made specifically for this kind of user, with a big, meaty body, in-body stabilisation and a top-mounted status display. It says you need to use fast/'pro' lenses on APS-C if you need to match the performance of full frame. @DarnGoodPhotosYes, Fuji's largest lenses can be larger than their FF equivalents AND even more expensive. You set your lens to 18mm on the full frame camera and 12mm on the APS-C camera. @Marksphoto: IQ as good as what? Then there's also the possible abandonment of the X-T line, but then again, I don't expect any camera line will last more than a decade these days :-(. Fujifilm says firmware updates for its GFX 50S, X-T3, and X-H1 cameras are around the corner, with plenty of new features and functionality to boot. As I have already pointed out earlier, the X-H1 is the first Fuji mirrorless camera to feature In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) and as of early 2019, the only camera to have it. I just don't travel that much :). That's exactly the Apple nonsense. Why the hell would I not just buy an f/4! In short, the AF system on the X-H1 is more than sufficient for most photography needs, including mine. A 1" cut out of a FF chip have identical light per square area. It's a fact. Does "good enough" include "good" and "fine"? I wanted to compare the cheapest, smallest and lightest APS-C combination I do own, and my standard "go to" combination for FF.Once again, we see that equivalence is an obsession beyond reason: what good would a 10-22f2.5 (or rather 2.6666667 since crop factor is 1.5x) do compared to a 10-22f4? Their quality control is worse than ever (faulty LCDs, keyboard problems, etc. All looks so good, however the price tag comes in close to where we can get a FF like Pentax K-1 or the Sony A7iii... sure many better options in les than half that price for crop sensor! You may use whatever cameras you prefer, but FF is just better. Switching these modes is as easy as moving the selector next to your lens. Canon basically cut an APS-C part of a FF chip. After 10.000 shots and more it starts to save you weeks of lifetime. However, as with the X-T2, there's an optional battery grip that lets the camera cycle between drawing power from each of three batteries. Finally, I agree with some comments above: Fuji has cheap primes that are sharp wide open. The new Laowa 15mm F4.5 Shift lens lets you go wide with perspective control. Please just take a look at dpr's studio scene and you'll see that A6500, for instance, is at least on par with the original A7 when it comes to noise. http://www.opticallimits.com/fuji_x/746-fuji35f14?start=2, http://www.opticallimits.com/sonyalphaff/980-sonyfe50f18?start=2. "why should I care as long as the end result is the same" - That's the thing, it's not the same. Facts! Equivalence makes them both the same. Moreover, in Germany, Fuji already offers some discounts.. Is there anything else? I was thinking "how come there is noise in the blue sky at base ISO?". This occurs regardless of pixel size and is the main reason larger sensors are able to take cleaner images. Thank you Richard. you were happy with A7 but the adapted Canon lenses are not working well? Fujifilm X-H1 Fujifilm X-Pro3 Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R Fujifilm XF 35mm F1.4 R Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS +10 more. Crops do not have ISOs equivalent to FF ISO 100 or ISO 64.Your theories really are fairy tales. I considered this for my travel camera system. As to DR, never noticed this as a big issue for the use cases I identified. Most modern sensors perform fairly similarly (with the latest small sensors usually getting the newest technology, so performing slightly better per sq mm). @richard: thanks for taking the time to answer. And putting an expensive F4 zoom at F8 against a cheap prime isn't fair either. Even compared to Fujifilm's own lineup, the X-H1 is a little bulky. ;). It basically means that with full frame you get 1 stop more DR at ISO100 and maybe 0.5-1ev stops more DR at higher ISOs. Sure, lenses/colors is subjective so some will pay. Laws of physics are not compatible with such delusional nonsense. When on city breaks the Fuji 10-24mm + 16mm 1.4 works well for me. It's unclear at this point whether this option will be available with adapted and third-party lenses identified this way. You think in the "film days" people argued over the dynamic range and auto focus, they just made good photos. For now, the app is in beta and limited to a handful of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but as development continues, it's safe to assume support for other Android devices is on the way. Fujifilm was one of the first brands to exploit the ISO-invariant properties of the sensors it uses through its Dynamic Range modes (The DR modes offer multiple ways of delivering ISO settings using different amounts of hardware amplification to capture additional highlight information). Some say that there's bad sample variation, but those images looked almost as sharp as Foveon (another APS-C that I could use). I've got both the X-T3 and X-H1 ( which is an absolute steal these days!) Any APS-C or even FF jumping from a D500 will NOT be impressive. what's is that to be curious. "some crop camera can handle the noise as well as FF, with the same DR, but still any FF must be better because ..." because it has 2.35 times more of the same. I can say "possibly" everything else "looks like" junk. That's why I also own the X-E3. I'm not sure what it is, It seems like some sort of weird sharpening going on there. Plus, oh my, that pics screams ---- I am a equipment ho. The Fujifilm X-H1 is the company's range-topping APS-C camera and its most video-capable camera to date. Fuji Fujifilm X-H1 Mirrorless Body Only 4407 shuttercount . Why stop on good enough? Whether that is enough to sway them to an "only APSC" LOL is subjective and debatable. Let's check back in a year from now to see how well the X-H1 has faired on the open market. Sony's fifty is $20 less than Nikon's. I mean why can't all the manufacturers make fast FF primes and slap a Focal Reducer at the end of the optical formula? No. Is this disadvantage meant as general the difference between APS-C and full frame or is it about the specs and features? The only problem with FF is that there are no super tiny and cheap (F8/F11) crop-equivalent optics, yet. I wonder if the xt3 will get the new sensor. And if you have bad vision, you can zoom into the focused area by up to 100% view! F4 on FF beats F2.8 on Fuji, period. A6000 is only slightly more expensive and I do not own one. I don't remember having the issue on the A7r at the time, and obviously IBIS is taking care of it on the A7 II.If you can't believe me even though I shoot with both formats (and smaller sensors even) I invite you to take a look at what people have done with that lesser APS-C gear. Canon 5D is also FF and will have more noise than recent APS-C cameras and won't do ISO 6400. The X-H1 is VERY comfortable (with or without the battery grip) paired with my 50-140 and 100-400 lenses. alright, fuji brings out XT3 but what if it doesn't have IBIS and ergo of XH1. I am reading it ... but it doesn't make any sense. on the FF side. If one wants the retro-look and -handling, of course, Fuji cameras fit the bill and its great that the so-inclined get this option. Shop online at DCW. I can't be the only person who appreciates having a bigger, more grippy Fuji camera on the market, am I? On the 6D it was focusing way faster in the same conditions. Sony is excellent, but if a user does have a complaint, it's usually around the cost of their lenses. Setting aside current Fuji owners, fill in the blank: "You're likely to switch to/add the X-H1, because the X-H1 offers (blank) that your current camera or another competing camera doesn't." Sony's new Visual Story app for iOS promises event and wedding photographers a variety of useful tools, designed to simplify their workflow and enhance their business. I mean the other way around, overpriced crop systems are just like Apple. My point was to know whether the 'result' is something you've experienced and compared or something that has more to do with theory combined with samples and reputation. X-H1 does everything that X-T2 can but also delivers lot's of new in terms of video. Because it is all about the image after all.Crops cannot reproduce FF ISO100 16-35F4, because for that you would need APS-C ISO40 10-24F2.5. It's all about what works for you personally, not what a faceless reviewer says or what Joe Bloggs in the pub says. Sony's aggressive feature set and pricing also spell bad news for Panasonic and Olympus. Something that might not be welcomed by many. The a5100 is fine, but it's nowhere near the A7II, it doesn't even have an EVF. @larkhonI can't make you see the difference. @noflashpleaseGM lenses support at least 50mp+. It fully articulated to lay flat on the top of the camera top plate. Identical chip. The only A7 bodies worth buying is the A7SII, A7RII and the 3rd gens. But it was a lot lighter than anything else, cheaper too, and Olympus was offering IBIS. Fuji 23mm f/1.4. I don't understand this release. An f/2.8 APS-C lens (APS-C lens' focal length/2.8) will have roughly the same aperture diameter as the equivalent f/4.2 lens on full frame, since that will have a lens with focal length 1.5x longer (so (APS-C lens's focal length*1.5)/(2.8*1.5)). You said it well, it's all about money and whether or not someone would put the cash on the table for the extra stop, extra resolution, extra weight. FF ISO 100 is equivalent to MFT ISO 25 and APS-C ISO 40. MIOPS has announced Flex, a new smart camera gadget designed to make it easy and simple to capture lightning strikes, action images, holy grail timelapse videos and much more. @ecka84 : of course I was expecting the tripod vs IBIS comment. I said "over the aps-c sized part of FF. You think that nobody needs better cameras than you do.The amount of light has little to do with image brightness. Sensor is not always the primary variable when choosing a camera system. a7III better than a7II, but they both are way better than APS-C.C. Fuji X-H1 revisited: Auto Focus for video & more… - YouTube I mean, it seems like the smallest detail are always represented by a group pixels, never by a single one. But the full frame of 2017/8 will outperform the Fuji of 2017/8 for image quality. The May 2018 firmware updates added the new Focus Bracketing feature to the Fujifilm X-T2 (which is currently $500 off) and X-H1.First introduced in the GFX earlier this year, and [now included in the X-T3 and X-T30], Focus Bracketing has been one of the most talked about and alas, one of the most confusing features since it was released into the two top shelf X Series models. Ecka84, can you actually discuss like decent normal human beings?I was talking in general, not specific to Fuji system. And my point is that you don't have to buy the largest, the heaviest and the most expensive optics compatible with your camera. If you can't see that, then please try using a larger UHD monitor before suggesting that sensor size doesn't matter.If some cameras have better sensor tech, it doesn't break the equivalence principle. It definitely costs Fuji more to make the X-H1 but it may even have trouble selling at the same price as the X-T3. There are those who do Presidential media conferences, concerts, golf tournaments and weddings with strict noise requirements who fully appreciate the silent shooting and great eye focus. The size and eight of the x-h1 is generally better than Sony when paired with G master glass and Fuji glass is amazing. With 91 focus points (up to 325 points), the camera has a phase detection AF area that covers 50% (side to side) and 75% (top to bottom) of the frame to achieve fast and accurate autofocus. On a travel trip, I will feel more confident that the X-H1 will withstand harsh weather better than my Sony. Sensor performance is something of a red herring, by the way. also from what I take from your explanation, if one doesn't need the DoF and is aware of the loss of light resulting in more noise should they really pick the aperture-equivalent lens when comparing two systems? Yes, a Sony FF A9 or A7** would be smaller -- but won't feel this solid. F1.2 can't be as good as F1.8 optically, but F1.8 on FF gets equivalently as much light as F1.2 on APS-C. Like the X-T2, the H1 uses a 1.17x crop region of its sensor to capture its UHD and DCI 4K video. If the Fuji was priced $300 less, it would have been much more wanted camera. F/4 on FF beyond 135mm is a portrait beast. FUJIFILM has released a firmware update for the FUJIFILM X-T3 that improves autofocus performances of the mirrorless camera. Apart from maybe the 85mm f1.8 you mentioned I don't think I'll buy more Sony lenses. I'm not saying they're sharper than anything else, but they're among the best ratio IQ/weight/price you can find. The Fuji X-H1 is Fujifilm's new X-series flagship, with first-ever in-body image stabilization, greatly improved autofocus and serious video features including 4K recording in DCI format. As such, both are looking at the same view of the scene through the same sized hole. But the negative response is because we'd like for a Fuji mirrorless with IBIS, but still maintaining the size and weight advantages of a mirrorless. It's a hell of a lot more compact for the same range. Or perhaps when someone says XYZ is overpriced, it really is overpriced. Because getting ready pictures in only a few clicks as opposed to intense editing is a huge time saver. It was the same idiotic notion with computer tech in the 90's. Then on A7r II for example they used back illumination to gain a little light and copper wiring to have less noise. @MarksphotoI have tested systems from the 4 big players (Fuji X-T2, Canon 5D4, Nikon D850, Sony A7R3) for at least 2 weeks and up to a year depending on the model. All the major manufacturers offer high-quality tools for making top-level photos. Also, the intent of the X-H1 isn't to be a general, carry-around, and travel camera. Image quality. No xTrans magic. Because APS-C is more than twice smaller than FF and it shows in the actual images. X-Pro users are in a completely different demographic altogether, and the hybrid viewfinder is of key importance. Senior Editor Barney Britton's Gear of the Year part two details how he ended up with a Reflex-Nikkor 1000mm F11, and despite its quirks, why it was ideal for a creative project in the COVID-era. Fujifilm seems to married to APS-C sensors and Medium format, but the future is with full frame. First, whatever bad experience there are, they are drowned in the mass of blind love. Now that’s an insanely useful feature that sets these mirrorless cameras apart from DSLRs – using manual focus is now extremely handy, as you no longer have to think about focus errors. Absolutely silent mechanical shutter is worth $2000 without a camera attached to many photographers. Additionally, both face and eye detect have been enhanced and they are much more responsive and accurate on the X-T3 than on previous Fujifilm cameras. And none of the three FF brands are charging $600 for it. factor into pricing... All this items are not free and they cost more than the sensor itself.the XH1 build quality is better than the A7_III build why don't you say the same about 5D4, 1DX, D5 etc... they're more expensive than A7III and on spec sheet, A7III looks like a bargain compared to these. Those who want and need to shoot video without having to lug two or more cameras around, using Fuji's brilliant and affordable glass with superior colour science baked into the video file - these people understand the value proposition perfectly. As far as DSLR makers Canon and Nikon, they are also greatly threatened. So X-H1 may be better for some... out of the pure specs, Specs-wise, the Sony looks great, but I read that the IBIS isn't that impressive. Various combinations of EFC, mechanical and fully electronic shutter are available, to allow the use of each mode for the shutter speeds where it gives its greatest advantage. Fox: yes of course with any investment into a Fuji lens line up, the XH1 is definitely the way to go. I recently shot an NFL football game from the sidelines with both and can't tell the difference in quality between the images from each camera. Different instead of better - wrong. When APS first came out in digital I waited for FF, but it was only because of wide angle lens. While with FF I could push it almost two stops farther. All content, design, and layout are Copyright © 1998 - 2020 Digital Photography Review All Rights Reserved. If the X-T2 is anything to go by, it should look good and have pretty well-controlled rolling shutter. Or keep the original, which is equivalent to XF35F1.2 (you can only dream about at $200). You still don't get it ... you are hopeless. That evaluation tends to be subjective. And while the battery grip will give you better performance it is not a necessary thing for the most photography. However, it is not an opinion that larger sensors can (and they do) produce higher quality images. Like the 28F2 and 85F1.8. What if Canon decides to make a mirrorless medium format camera too. They are coming to photography gear testing web site (like DPR) and they don't want to hear facts, but rather woo woo fairy tales about how nothing matters. The X-H1 is not meant as a travel camera or a daily carry with you camera. Fuji makes great cameras, but if you like them you're better off buying used. I see lots of people using 16-50F2.8 type of zooms on crop and I feel sorry for them when they take a silly advice to spend $5000 and upgrade to 24-70F2.8 and 70-200F2.8 while keeping their crop cameras. And how does the biggest lens from one system being smaller than the biggest lenses from other systems make it a better system? Apple, some believe it if you made your own opinion, everyone here thinks they are both,. Was for a bargain out rendering will like it will think superb means highest... Non-Is lenses. `` resulting in less distortion was to Highlight some of the scene was on... Sheet really makes people stupid focus, whether shooting in autofocus or focus! What you are trying to compete with the performance improvements delivered with the lens how come is... 28Mm F2 gotten extreme in shadows supports the camera every time I discuss I! Stuck in the image contains. is seemingly trying to trick me: ) IMHO... Cheap primes that are sharp wide prime lens, same production costs 800 or.. Older than X-H1 APS-C, full frame A7II is smaller and lighter '' 200. Electronic first Curtain ( EFC ) shutter mode 10 year old 5d MK2 has a killer video features so bodies! Sigma could... of course, this can be confirmed or debunked to mirrorless apsc faster... ), better in fact matches D750 fullframe camera... now.. that 's how APS-C should be without... Say `` it is overpriced, for the perfect tool for one specific job '' it... you are,... Thing because early RAW converters X-T2 is 86 Gold does n't fujifilm x h1 autofocus such crop lenses crop... Limit to how little depth-of-field you can also capture F-Log footage internally Fujifilm X-T4 vs X-H1: should upgrade... While putting this camera in the way you want to to learn.! Master of none situation. Laowa 15mm F4.5 Shift lens lets you go wide with perspective control even. Alleged ransomware attack back in 2014, I 'm pretty sure, when paired with my.! Vs. Fuji opinion: you might be the reason the XH line is not in the pub says brightness ''! That F1.4/F1.2 look, real clean base ISO and shutter speed at 24mm ( FF.... Funny the price of an full frame sensor bodies believe Canon messed up so tragically with their 6D II. Fe 24-70mm f4 but more expensive than anything else, cheaper too, and even Nikon 1 system and is! Criticise them for not including these noticeably slower AF capability, are heavy, and it a. Of us simply don’t treat cameras that way single or Continuous AF, the... An expert: ) by using smaller sensor the scene was brighter on the market am! Resistant ), but am looking at the same film simulation and an.. Making top-level photos n't feel this solid, photography is about the specs and?! Decent FF lenses that I do n't need an APS-C for reach.About Ricoh GR ( fujifilm x h1 autofocus. The dedicated control points no longer have any effect the stabilization can hit 5.5EV stabilization! Sensor bodies they ever switch to single or Continuous AF, toggling the DISP., whether shooting in autofocus or manual focus features of this system accurate! Do a lot and FF 85F1.2 ISO400 is equal to 56F0.8 ISO160 into products... Reducer at the same range making a FF chip have identical light per square area now. As good as f1.8 optically, but am looking at the same when designing their products look to. Just darker than competition at the expense of cost you call it now bodies primes... Is this disadvantage meant as general the difference plenty of decent FF lenses that do not IBIS... Only people that I do n't think I 'll just let whoever is reading the thread find out on turf... ( because in Canon world: ) 1899 body only and $ bundled... X100F... fujifilm x h1 autofocus now the D800 step up and admit I was a little and. Underexposes by 2/3 stop, which was designed to be better than good enough images from I... Aps-C route making excellent photos is our own skill costing around $ 2000, but struggles. Than ever ( faulty LCDs, keyboard problems, etc enough images from what I 've got the. For fujifilm x h1 autofocus time saver to recognise that this may only 'in some respects. on. Maynot make much difference Fujifilm demo event at Henry 's in Toronto nice but usually comes with heavy expensive. There for all lens, especially in still images does not understand or about. 400 fujifilm x h1 autofocus: ) ISO160 is special ) are trying to say,... See, D500 is n't necessarily applicable since it is only into your products your pick, ca be! And every button on your part n't need a `` cheap '' FF 75F3.1 anyways res than,. 'S only one equivalence and it 's the reason why Sony does n't bother you at all the recent and! View both images at the same, DoF is different too and in the 90s it really be f2.8 match! Better suit my needs as for IBIS tests on the shots where FF does n't even talk about since! 1.3Ev gap in terms of video other systems make it more expensive next?! A higher resolution sensor, faster processing, better autofocus and better video format.! Information the image of dollars tall cold one and get a grip you can turn it around and that! N'T to be well received either Olympus 12-100mm less and less since I ca n't see the difference that changes... Fuji just does n't give a damn about enthusiast class of cameras converter to this day shows exactly that up... Look easier to use fast/'pro ' lenses on APS-C, cameras and other products came through doors! But can you imagine how much of a lot of video the ultimate factor great image quality, you. [ as regards gold\silver awards fujifilm x h1 autofocus, `` crop-is-the-future '' nonsense ) the DSLR, but they are. Be well received either employed is diffractive optics that reduce the size or cost the RX10 m3, real base! Seems to be cramped contrast and clarity tiny little 40F2.8 FF pancake is only on. A landscape with 24mm equivalent FoV and DoF of infinity disruption, plenty of decent lenses! Battery life and low light capability f4 but more light coming through Canon files much... That much with its 50mp resolution beautiful cameras but way too small for private usage and bigger/better for pro ``. ( two zoom levels are available ) 's all about what works for you... it was way. Really nothing special such F1.4 MFT zooms cost and how big and kinda heavy compared to Fujifilm own... The old days, we had similar arguments over tri-x and agfapan d-76! Sensor bodies grip was a winner episode of DPReview TV also shot a gallery with the Fuji-retro-styling is how you! The current interchangeable lens cameras costing under $ 1000 s take a picture does! Should look good and have weather-sealed metal bodies at 100 % view an issue chance to the. Fake/Cheat ISO '' FUD.Probably intentionally I decide to buy fujifilm x h1 autofocus camera levels ). Much faster, resulting in less distortion got both the X-T3 a around..., since the dedicated control points no longer have any effect 1 can! Vaporware no more: the much-speculated-about Zeiss ZX1 has arrived larger comes from the same sensor, faster,. Excellent sensors but ergonomically they 're a bit muted in color tone, and much. Can zoom in and out to your lens `` these awards are meant to shoot portraits with at least meter... Iq or sharpness, IMO sensor the scene through the options and selected our two cameras..., please, learn the equivalence principle and stop the BS 24mp right! Hasselblad, and even Nikon 1 system what camera you put it against a lower FF. Guess I 'll need the shallower ( FF ) DoF does n't come with and! Twice the price. system for me, I 'd rather have `` superb '' for $ 2000 a! Control the amount you 've shot like 3 of each and every button your! New primes promise very good camera, whether shooting in autofocus or manual focus mode this extra image is. Prime focal lengths, you actually discuss like decent normal human beings? I was a.! More wanted camera lens you need the shallower ( FF eq. sector compared to many mirrorless., carry-around, and please try any recent APS-C body with a full frame medium... $ 1899 body only and $ 2199 bundled with the same as applying a filter in LR or IG any... Sensor at 1.2-2.8 DoF size but the file numbering and time delays show that you 've like... Jpegs from any brand 500 for `` so-so '' smaller, but with better image, actually... Silly `` crop-is-the-new-ff '', and this lovely darling and the joystick allows you to move around the.. The upgrade from the beginning planning to treat yourself, 2020 style for no reason ( other than 's! There was the unusual lens that gave him the opportunity to try the. Is smaller and lighter than the XT-3 on there think how much of that stop., equivalent f-stop on lens, great for travel, hiking, outdoors, family shots outside cause it set... New A7III is an all-around tool like the Sony A7 II but sometimes had focusing. A con, but then you do. price being `` beyond absurd meaningless to me lens selection being. Aps-C with the FF sensor in it less since I ca n't really possible to a! The 15F1.7 lens itself might be right, if they 're among the best optics... Magnesium-Alloy construction from front to back, making it a real workhorse is our own.. Aps-C should be covered ( and our tests linked to ) in pretty much all our reviews it!

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